Beachhead does not actively solicit nor fundraise for its projects or operations.

If you would like donate to 9-1-1 programming, know that it will make tangible, measurable and verifiable difference.

Be assured, your donation will get to its intended recipients and it will be genuinely appreciated by its recipients & Beachhead. No Excuses.

Join the 9-1-1 Initiative:

All donations will be forwarded in total directly to pastor Predestin Pierre Herard, founder and operator of

My Fathers House, a 200 child orphanage in Port-au-Prince Haiti.  Beachhead has visited & donated sanitization to its operations annually for the past 7 years. Small donations made here, become impactful there, very quickly. 

Please see 9-1-1 projects for details. 

Beachhead Operations is supported by the founder, ocassional private donations and any profits generated through the sale of Reset Pure CLO2 chlorine dioxide solutions sold in the USA. 

Our goal is to become a fully self sufficient, donation free charity by the end of 2020.

Until that point, we definitely need and greatly appreciate, any support.

Thank You,