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2012 Results

If 2011 was the year Beachhead splashed into action with timely sanitation deliveries to unserved needs, 2012 was a year of entrenchment, hard lessons & continuous improvement.


In January 2012, Beachhead transitioned its aid emphasis in Port-au-Prince, Haiti from emergency WaSH care to self-sufficiency WaSH programming (9-1-1) and to the ongoing support of selected schools, orphanages & health care facility’s.

Beachhead delivered over 50,000 gallons of sanitization solution and 5,000 Gallons of hospital disinfection and Cholera Prevention Kits to 11 projects in PAP, Haiti, supporting some 7,500 very in need people. Lessons learned were integrated into our process, product and implementation planning, leading to our ultimate objective: continuously improving Beachhead ClO₂ WaSH solutions.

Some of the highlights include:

Beachhead developed & launched a private label ClO₂ solution to serve its 9-1-1 charity programming and to support its virtual & volunteer operations by selling its versatile solutions to other charities. Beachhead now controls its own solutions (a universally needed Anti-Microbial Tool Set) while hopefully, increasing its organizational sustainability by making itself less reliant on public fundraising.

Beachhead also established a long term charity commitment from CLO₂ Remedies a US private business which specializes in chlorine dioxide.   For every 1 gallon of CLO₂ Remedies, Reset ClO₂ product sold in US., 1 gallon is donated to Beachhead projects though 2013.  This commitment could mature into contributions that would allow Beachhead leadership to focus on IMPLEMENTING ClO2 WaSH SOLUTIONS versus fundraising for it. CLO₂ Remedies donated its Reset product and dispersion tools to the April 2012 Mission. Field Testing’s feedback and lessons were integrated back into Reset’s ‘Beachhead’ product planning.

Beachhead was invited for an hour long meeting with the head of the UN’s Haiti Operations at his Camp Delta HQ to discuss our work and ClO₂  based solutions.  It led to follow up opportunity’s in 2013 to scale our work.

Beachhead applied for a 501-c-3 charity designation. We have been working the ‘process’ as diligently as possible.  We were told by our handling agent at the Treasury Dept. that we are in QUE and will be determined asap. Numerous Beachhead fundraising activities will launch shortly thereafter.

Beachhead International successfully presented its work, products & tools, operations and administration to the US EPA through a full day site visit.

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