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Beachhead is committed to fundamentally improving Aid and social outcomes in Haiti. 

Since 2014, Beachhead has been actively engaging and advocating for systemic changes

in Haitian Aid, Culture, Business and Leadership. 

Beachhead believes that Humanitarian Charities need not only to deliver tangible results, but must also espouse and support efforts to teach their clients self-sufficiency. 

Reliance on AID is addicting and enslaving.

A transition to the cultural values of national

self-reliance and entrepreneurial free market capitalism must be embraced, before any social improvement can be made.

That being said, Beachhead remains committed to making tangible charitable contributions & human welfare improvements in Haiti. Beachhead will continue its WaSH Aid work in a few projects while looking for ways to expand our reach through local aid, faith and rural medical stations. 

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