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2014 & 2015


2014 & 2015 Results

After billions of dollars of recent humanitarian and redevelopment aid, Haiti remains the Northern Hemisphere’s poorest country, in desperate need of wide-spectrum sanitization solutions nearly everywhere in the country….despite The Clinton Foundation’s direct control of the multi billion dollar Haiti relief fund and the 11,500 NGO & Charity operations permanently stationed on an island state of ten million people.

Beachhead is committed to fundamentally improving humanitarian aid outcomes in Haiti. 

2014 & 1015 were dedicated to actively engaging and advocating with Haitian’s for systemic changes in Haitian Aid, Culture, Business and Leadership.

We believe that Humanitarian Charities need not only to deliver tangible results, but must become self-supporting organizations and not remain overwhelmingly reliant on USA charity. The reliance on AID is addicting and enslaving. And it must stop before any social improvement can be made.

That being said, Beachhead remains committed to making tangible charitable contributions & human welfare improvements in Haiti. Beachhead will continue its WaSH Aid work in a few projects while looking for ways to expand our reach through local aid, faith and rural medical stations. And we will respond to disaster’s and emergencies.

Unfortunately, our 2014 & 2015 results with respect to chlorine dioxide sales driving revenues for both Beachhead programming & operations were disappointing, as we were unable to effectively market our solution’s while we worked through numerous local & market challenges with very limited financial resources.  All 2014 & 2015 Beachhead operations & 9-1-1 programming was underwritten by the founder.

Despite the challenges, Beachhead delivered two product shipments of 8,600 gallons of chlorine dioxide, bringing our Total Gallons Delivered to over 483,000.

Beachhead is and will remain an all volunteer, fundraising-free, not-for-profit.

* All product profits will go only towards Beachheads minimal and volunteer operations and then its 9-1-1 programing.

*100% of  any 9-1-1 donation will continue to go only towards in-country WaSH programing.

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