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We’re a little different than most charity and international aid organizations in a few ways. 1st, Beachhead does not use innocuous euphemisms & political correctness to gloss over the brutal truths & categorical failures of Aid. More people suffer & die unnecessarily when we do.

2nd, Aid groups almost never let donors near its projects or aid recipients. 

Beachhead periodically bring volunteers into the field for the 're-supplying' of a Beachhead water, sanitation & hygiene project in Port-au-Prince Haiti, the poorest place in the western hemisphere.

If you enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from overcoming unforseen challenges and making measurable positive human impact, than a Beachhead mission is for you.

Our volunteers come from all places, in all ages & sizes with diverse backgrounds, motivations, competencies and skill sets. We value leadership, integrity, collaboration, execution and a ‘what’s next’ attitude.  

Basically, after you decide to save lives & lessen human suffering with disinfection in remote, tough places, the rest is just logistics. Field Missions are usually 3 days total in-country. Beachhead has modled Habitat for Humanities international field mission programming as its benchmark.

Email us for information.


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