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About Us


Beachhead is an all volunteer not-for-profit BioSecurity Aid charity dedicated to measurably improving international humanitarian aid outcomes;

by taking direct action in selected developing world crises zones with Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Solutions and by actively engaging with local communities to spur activities that lead to less aid dependence.

We lessen human suffering in desperate places in these ways:

Bio-Security Aid


we make tangible & measurable human impact by donating & implementing Water, Sanitation  

& Hygiene (WaSH) solutions to the some of the planets planets most vulnerable people


Free-Market Entrepreneurism


we empower new leaders & entrepreneurs in crises zones to start small local businesses by providing Beachhead WaSH products & business establishment support 





we use media to confront Aid providers & recipients with its own results; advocate & lead alternative dialog, strategies, values & solutions

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