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The Planet Is A Mess

Lets Clean It Up

Micro-organic contamination is the planets leading cause of human death and suffering as

well as industrial, commercial and agricultural losses. 

The most deadly disease in the world isn't cancer, heart disease of's diarrhea. 

Every 20 seconds a poor child under 5 years old dies unnecessarily from preventable

infectious disease. 

The Killer? Dirty drinking water, poor hygiene and bad sanitation. 

It causes 4 billion illnesses and consumes nearly all developing worlds health capacity. 

Today 5,000 children will die from it. it will kill over 10 million people this year. 

(WaSH) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Intervention

This is the most cost effective way to lessen suffering and increase opportunity to this planet's vulnerable people. WaSH is the basis of all economic, social and educational improvement.

2.5 billion live without access to proper WaSH. 2 cents per day of sanitation would save their lives!

Solutions for a tough planet - Simple, Safe, Effective 

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