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Wide-Spectrum Sanitization Demystified. 

We make it simple, safe, globally accessible & affordable.


Sustainable Charity.

How Beachhead Store ClO2 Purchases Work:

All Beachhead Store profits support Beachhead International’s

9-1-1 programming & operations.

Beachhead International, a not-for-profit, worked with global cross-industry partners to develop low cost, wide-spectrum chlorine dioxide solutions for crises environments. Simply add pre-measured, color-coded Tablets & Sachets to universal sized containers to generate desired usages. Our chlorine dioxide solutions have been serving Beachhead  9-1-1 charity programing in PaP Haiti since 2010.

Beachhead solutions are designed for rapid customization and international deployment & implementation.

Sales & usage of Beachhead ClO2 solutions is intended for humanitarian and international crises environments and not for usage in the USA.

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