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Every 20 seconds, a child under 5 years old, dies unnecessarily from infectious disease.

The killer; dirty drinking water, poor hygiene, and bad sanitation.

It is humanities greatest killer & injustice. It causes 4 billion illnesses & consumes nearly all developing world health capacity. In the time it takes to read this, 9 children will die from it. 5,000 today. 1.8 million this year.

To be clear, they will die because they lack simple inexpensive sanitization.

Everyone agrees, Its unacceptable. The ‘West’ donates $130 Billion in Annual Development Aid to solve it. $2.3 Trillion in the last 50 years… yet, in most places, conditions are worse.

This frustrates me and many others to no end. Our donations underwrite massive corruption & poor results without accountability.

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU … we could reliably conquer humanities greatest killer and injustice, virtually anywhere, for a few dollars, per child, per year?

My name is Gerry Kiley. For 20 years I’ve worked in global local environments for Technology, Service and Humanitarian businesses solving complex business problems in extreme environments.  My passion is achieving in failure ridden environments, in unreasonable timelines with small budgets.

In 2010 I set out to do 1 thing:
design & implement a low cost, scalable, water, sanitation & hygiene solution for the planets most vulnerable children

& high risk environments.

I founded Beachhead International to accomplish this goal. Port-au-Prince Haiti is our proving ground.

Beachhead is a not-for-profit BioSecurity Aid provider specializing in versatile, scalable, biodegradable Water, Sanitation & Hygiene solutions formatted specifically for global emergency and crisis environments.

We provide wide-spectrum decontamination with high-quality, ‘disruptively’ low cost, USA Made, globally proven, disease-controlling chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) products. Then, we eliminate system inefficiencies in between the ClO2 and the people in need.

Just as IMPORTANT, Beachhead is determined to build & remain a global volunteer based organization, without salaried positions & gratuitous infrastructure to manage its minimal operations & implement its 9-1-1 chrity WaSH solutions.  Though a more difficult path to cut, it will bring long term organizational efficiencies, efficacies, clarity of purpose and hopefully, fruitful sustainability.

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